Wedding Information


The ceremony of Christian marriage is one of the most significant commitments you will ever make and we want to do everything possible to ensure that your wedding will be the unforgettable moment it deserves to be. A perfect wedding requires thoughtful and prayerful consideration and planning.

All of us at St. James are happy for you as your wedding day draws near. Our wedding directors are well-prepared and happy to assist you with any questions you may have. We are here to help and we look forward to sharing in this exciting and significant experience with you.

We invite members and non-members alike to call our church office and request our Wedding Policy Booklet if you are interested in learning more about having a wedding at St. James. These policies and other helpful planning information will assist you as you decide if St. James is the right place for your particular wishes and needs.

Reserving the Church
-The date and time of weddings for non-members will be confirmed no earlier than six months prior to the event.
-Seven o’clock p.m. is the latest time of day that a wedding may be scheduled.
-Two weddings may be held on the same day provided four hours are allowed between each wedding.
-No weddings will be scheduled during the last week in Advent, Holy Week, the weekend following Thanksgiving Day or any Sunday.

Wedding Guidelines

Non-Member Wedding Fees

If you have further questions, please email or call (404.261.3121) the church office. Once you have reviewed the policies and are ready to request a date, please ask for our Business Manager.