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“The final passage in life is death.  From time immemorial human beings have expressed themselves in ritual when someone dies. Where the funeral or memorial service is a Christian service of worship, it is traditionally based upon the foundation of baptism.  It includes a Service of the Word, and sometimes Holy Communion.  ‘A Service of Death and Resurrection’ on pages 870-875 of our hymnal is such a service. The character of these services varies with the circumstances of the deceased and of the mourners, but it is typically a mixture of mourning and Christian affirmation.  We acknowledge the reality of death, the pain of our loss, and the inevitability of our own death.  We give thanks for the life that was lived and shared with us.  We give praise that the one we have loved is eternally safe in God’s love, which is also our own hope and security.  We worship in the awareness that our gathering includes, invisibly, the whole communion of saints – that in Christ the circle is unbroken.” — From UM Worship, pg.105-107

When writing the obituary notice (to give to the Funeral Home), it is helpful to specify that there will be a visitation reception before or after the service. It is also important to provide addresses for charities where pertinent. There is no fee for the clergy or the organist for the service.  If you would like to give a memorial gift to St. James UMC that would be appreciated.

Funeral Service – denotes casket or urn is present.
Memorial Service – denotes neither casket or urn present.

You are encouraged to complete the following forms in as much detail as you wish. Please remember that in doing this you will be giving great assistance to your loved ones at the time of your death when they will be under great stress. We recommend that you discuss this form with your family. This also offers you an opportunity to have some measure of influence over the occasion of your death. This influence should be viewed as an expression of your own Christian commitment. The information should be retained in your personal files – and perhaps you would be willing for St. James to hold a copy in its files.

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If you have logistical questions, please contact Verdery Cunningham.