Claudette Colvin

“Back then, as a teenager, I kept thinking, Why don’t the adult around here just say something?”

-Claudette Colvin

If there was ever a silent champion of change it was this 15-year-old girl Claudette Colvin nicknamed, “The Original Rosa Parks,” as she was arrested for not giving up her seat in Montgomery, AL about nine months before Parks was. What most don’t know about her, is that after her arrest, the NAACP was flooded with letters about how amazing she was. The person who read the letters was none other than Rosa Parks, who was the secretary at that time. When they decided to launch the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the NAACP wanted to use Colvin as the face of it— but they knew she was too young— too dark. So they chose Rosa Parks because of her complexion and age, knowing it would get the world’s attention. Claudette Colvin single-handedly led to the desegregation movement rooted in her faith in God. She teaches young women from every nation and background that women of all ages have the power to create change!


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